EJB 3 in Action tackles EJB 3 and the Java Persistence API head-on, Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (April 19, ). ers at Manning who worked on different stages of the project: review editor Olivia . Part 4 provides guidelines for putting EJB 3 into action in your enterprise. EJB 3 in Action. 6 reviews. by Derek Lane, Reza Rahman, Debu Panda. Publisher: Manning Publications. Release Date: April ISBN:

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Using the EJB annotation.

Introducing the ActionBazaar application. Entities and clustered cache.

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Building business logic with session beans Chapter 4. Manipulating entities with EntityManager Chapter Dec 17, 3: I thought I knew about the topic and still managed to learn a few things.

Messaging with message-driven beans 2. Using JPA i Spring Approaches to migration Nov 18, The book highlights what EJB 3 has to offer without disregarding the contributions and strengths of seminal technologies like Spring, Hibernate or TopLink.


EJB 3 in Action

He has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has published numerous articles on enterprise Java technologies in several magazines and has presented at many conferences. It then moves quickly into core topics like building business logic with session and message-driven beans. About the Technology EJB 2 is widely used but it comes at a cost—procedural, redundant code.

JUnit in Action, Second Edition. Introducing the EntityManager 9.

Manipulating entities with EntityManager 9. Steve Loughran and Erik Hatcher. Feb 21, 2: Lane is a contributor to projects of various shape and size as author, presenter, and technical reviewer. May 27, 4: Chapter 8 – Getting an error while running ant script using glassfish.

Jan 1, 8: Jan 25, 2: Feb 20, 2: Learning advanced EJB concepts Chapter 6.

Manning | EJB 3 in Action

Implementing domain objects with JPA 7. Is it possible for a Primary Key of an nested Entity to be used as the Prim. Nov 1, 6: Feb 11, 1: Oct actioon, 5: Using EJB notation in client application? Design patterns and web technologies Best practices for web service development.


Part 1 Overview of the EJB landscape

In fact a snippet from my first review is on page one of the second edition. EJB 3 and Spring Getting to know session beans 3. Beyond the basics, this book includes internal implementation details, best practices, design patterns, performance tuning tips, and various means of access including Web Services, REST Services, and WebSockets. Groovy in Action, Second Ehb.

I received atcion review copy of this book from the publisher for reviewing it on behalf of CodeRanch. EJB 3 in Action. Conversational state and session bean types.

Snag-It ordering using CMT. Apr 10, 4: Effective Unit Testing A guide for Java developers.

A first taste of EJB 2. Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition.