Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished CAGES. Dave McKean, Author. NBM $50 (p) ISBN Cages opens with an array of short prose pieces, each a variation on the idea of a creation story. This is one of several motifs that McKean. My first encounter with Cages by Dave McKean was not coming upon it in a bookstore, or being recommended it by a more well-read friend.

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And how do I explain the plot? Cages non dovrebbe mancare nella biblioteca di ogni appassionato di fumetto. We can stop caging things, and ourselves.

To ask other readers questions about Cagesplease sign up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mckeaj sure it will rise again My familiarity with Dave McKean’s work comes from the artwork covers etc. It would have been a less heavy book, and would have flowed more smoothly.

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To eventually to encounter Cageswhere in one sequence a King vave his temper and yells at everyone and turns into a huge shouty cartoon figure to do so‚Ķthat was exciting. McKean negotiates this divide, between showing and telling, with a consummate professionalism cafes would be cool and off dsve if it also wasn’t straddling the passion of the creative urge so adroitly well. I hadn’t known much of McKean outside of his cover work for Neil Gaiman and Morrison’s Arkham story and, from the outside, his aesthetic always struck me as too particularly and strangely esoteric, too late 80’s and early 90’s for some reason, reminiscent of Peter Chung of Aeon Flux on a bender.


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cave This shift of locale is entirely unexplained: And, more broadly, McKean frequently uses a nine- or sixteen-panel grid, which also imposes a cage-like design on the page. Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished cartoonist in his own right. McKean also likes to introduce images and themes which you might expect to mean something in the greater story, but he feels no need to explain them or give them closure. There were moments when I thought the story was going to evolve into something more but every time my hopes were dashed.

Dave McKean, Cages | John Pistelli

dve The art for this book was amazing. I mean, how had I gone so long without bathing in this wondrous work? Information This entry was posted on 11 November by John Pistelli in book reviewscomics and tagged british literaturecomicsdave mckeangraphic novelstom mccarthy.

That seems like pretty good value-for-money to me.

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Captured Ghosts Grant Morrison: I feel as though I may be lynched for disliking this book. The notion of taking a page and having fun on it, and that was good enough for making comics.

I liked this quite a lot. That made it actually really uncomfortable to read. And this is, too, very beautiful. I tried to read it in the car on my vacation, and it was so heavy that after sitting with mckan on my lap for about a half an hour, I had to put it down because i I did enjoy this book. The jazz club in which Angel plays and Leo draws is named Katakumbe, an allusion, I believe, to a Weimar-era cabaret shut down by the Nazis.


The anecdote was funny.

Cages by Dave McKean

But McKean leavens his heavier material with quite a bit of cges and lighthearted interaction between his characters, which is one of many things that sets him apart from much of the modern doom-and-gloom generation of cartoonists. This book was literally and figuratively heavy. I hopefully have done my share. The Age of Innocence.

A Love Letter to CAGES by Dave McKean

Anyway, check this out: Sometimes you fly to a slightly bigger one, but you never quite have the courage to abandon captivity completely. Cages is no exception. I went into this this expecting the same and perhaps even a bit more.

It just didn’t feel like enough given the abundance of the art. Nov 08, Sookie rated it liked it Shelves: As a writer, he is perhaps a touch over-explicit. Share Tweet Submit Acges. There were some parts that were strange, even by my standards, but that I still found acceptable because Dave McKean.