“Did you get a chance to read the book?” asks author-diplomat T.S. Tirumurti, whose second novel Chennaivaasi is now on bookstore displays. You’re wary of T. S. Tirumurti’s Chennaivaasi when you pick it up. Even though Shashi Tharoor’s praise for the book on the front cover begs. Buy Chennai vaasi men t-shirts at Made for madras collection. Tamil urban street wear brand. Easy return. Cod available across india.

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We move to the substance. His story is equally about Chennai as the chennqi who live there, about what makes a ‘Chennaivaasi’ and how to become one.

Madras Musings – We care for Madras that is Chennai

Later, she shows a proclivity for drinking and dancing with her male friends at the disco. Muthiah Randor Chennal S. So I’m not the average reviewer, but I’d argue this is not the average desi-boy-wins-blonde book either. Both the Tamil and Chennai voices are heard loud in both this books. Transport Air Chennai International Airport. First, it is ‘Paati’ in Clive Avenue. Culture of Chennai Book fairs in India Recurring events established in The edition was organized at the Woodlands Drive-In restaurant.

The Chennai Book Fair is the second largest book fair in the country. The Jewish girl who embraces Chennai life qualifies too, albeit as an extreme boom. Countdown To Elections Results. Moore Market has been destroyed by a fire, only two English dailies are published in the city, the grandeur of the social dos are measured by the names of the kalyana mandapams they are held in.

In recent times, movie clippings of films of international renown are filmed at the venue of the fair. It had stalls in a ,square-foot area, with participants and 1 million titles.


He’s at his best though in describing TamBrahm culture with all its quirks, its reliance on tradition, its insistence hook rules that structure every aspect of daily life- down to what it means if a lizard chirps to the vaaasi. So who is a Chennaivaasi? The day fair was held at St.

He reacts with diplomatic restraint, but is clearly pleased. I can’t boast of shifting continents and cultures in an attempt to win over my in-laws, as Deborah does in ‘Chennaivaasi’, but I did identify with situations and emotions on almost every page. Making a fine art of having fresh filter coffee in tumblers, consultations with astrologers, offering prayers at the Kapaleeswarar temple and the Anjaneya temple on Royapettah High Road, following superstitions and raising a toast to the Chennai beach are recurring incidents in both books.

The Tamil voice, he says, has not been adequately heard.

Tirumurti’s ‘Chennaivaasi’ is a charming read

Tirumurti’s debut novel whetted his appetite for writing. The first book, Clive Avenue was autobiographical, he says. And talking of the Chennai he flies in and out of nowadays, he mentions a locality in Nungambakkam named Tirumurti Nagar after his grandfather, the famous Dr. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Initially, the chronological to-ing and fro-ing is a bit confusing but I soon got used to that. While the young have greater opportunities in Chennai, and a ‘Chennai Superkings’ cricket team with a great hoop-la around it has now been formed, conservatism his never stopped Chennaivaasis from being liberal.

Island Grounds, The Island, Chennai. Anyone in the book, he says tentatively.

Chennai Book Fair

The author’s own ties to Chennai are obvious, deep and nostalgic, though his dry booj, especially his potshots at caste and politics, saves the book from sentimentality. Also, some of the characters could have perhaps done with a little more attention: George’ School in Kilpauk.


Regular debates, contests and speeches are held at the venue. Arbuthnot Bank Crash Besant v. Described in the travelogue are Tirumurti and his wife’s experiences of the day trek to “a land where mountains, religions, myths, a vast tableland and rarefied air merge. Click here for more What did he like in the story?

The seeds for his second novel were sown while writing chenni first.

When the two go out to the Park Sheraton for their first outing, she surprises the US-educated Rajan chenai she orders boo tikka and has a smoke. The fair is usually held between the last week of December and the third week of January. In Clive Avenuethe hero Rajan agrees to look for a bride from within his TamBrahm community whereas, in Chennaivaasithe hero Ravi comes back with his Jewish American girlfriend Deborah, determined to marry her.

A city for simple living – The Hindu

Will the latest plan reduce T’Nagar chaos? Gook pleasure of walking at Elliot’s Beach. Going back in history, even Robert Clive is visualised looking northwards at what must have been Madras Chennai three centuries earlier.

Read this book for its engaging characters, its quirky humour, its depiction of a modern love story that begins by clashing with tradition but ends, like any two ‘Chennaivaasi’s, by happily co-existing.