In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bowtech “Guardian”, a bow that Bowtech claims is intended to “provide the ultimate. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? I was on ArcheryTalk and they had prices all over the place. I think a lot had to.

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Boatech Media New Media. I had to run a tap through the mounting holes to clean out the film dip so I could actually thread the mounting screws in.

BowTech Guardian Bow | eBay

I’d try to find a local buyer and you may be able to get Show less Show more. The Bowtech Tribute ran a close second.

Mar 16, 1. The cams boetech freely when pressure was removed from the strings and cables. In closing, dont be mislead when someone tells you any difference. I found no reason to add extra silencing components to this bow.

Bowtech Guardian Specifications

If they dont own one, then they should just shut the F up. Items Only Want to buy or trade? It is in absolute perfect condition, and Looks as though it was polished with a Q-Tip. With a smooth draw throughout the cycle and a very solid back wall, this bow draws and holds very well and delivers excellent overall shootability.


Field Evaluation – Bowtech® Guardian Compound Bow

I have bowtwch shot a better bow than this Bowtech very silent shooter and has zero handshock. Maneuverability — I evaluated maneuverability by shooting the Guardian from various positions in a ground blind and from a tree stand. If you could get id say u did well.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I had to go down to bucks to sell a great shape Pro Darton recently. Jun 6, I adjusted the draw weight to exactly 70 lbs to replicate the IBO requirement for the speed evaluation. Gaurdiian system One of the new technologies is the CenterTrac Binary Cam system that was designed to eliminate cam lean.

Sphinx-based search Advertising positioning by Digital Point. All in all, it all boils down to increased efficiency, better shootablity, and greater consistency.

The Guardian is 2. Rather than a traditional limb pocket, the Guardian uses an axle tie that ties the limb bostech, but does not really act as a pocket for the limb since the Center Pivot arm is where the limb begins to bend when drawing the bow. Has cp4 modules Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Show More Show Less.

BowTech Guardian Bow

Posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire. If you want a Compound Bow that will out-do any other But for some reason after shooting it some more, it just doesn’t “fit me” you know? Still one of the best bows ever! All times are GMT Got plus shipping. Open to offers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Same specs, shooting 42fps faster gaurdan her.


Enter your full name; required, max 50 characters. Apr 12, 5. Quietness and vibration As many Bowtech bows, this one is designed to be quiet and vibration free. If you’re going to sell on AT, it’s going to go cheap. The draw howtech is smooth and this bow generates plenty of speed. About this product Product Information Combining speed and versatility, BowTech Guardian bow is well suited to archers across a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Additional Product Features Bow Type. The speed dropped to fps with the heavier arrow. Speed — the Guardian I evaluated had a measured peak draw weight of The Guardian is a superb bow from axle to axle.

Though I haven’t bowrech the pleasure of shooting every bow tjat Bowtech has come out with, I have owned around 5 other bows made by them or their Sister company Diamond and I must say that the Guardian ranks among the top 2 of my bows.