Vélizy, January 31, – Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has delivered the first production-standard main landing gear shipset for the Airbus AM. File:AM landing gear Pjpg. From Wikimedia English: Landing gear system of the Airbus AM. Date, 20 Safran Landing Systems. Usage on . The AM is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available. This includes landing on frontline air bases, landing on (provisory) gras and sand.

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The AM features deployable baffles in front of the lsnding side doors, intended to give paratroops time to get clear of the aircraft before they are hit by the slipstream.

On 13 MayAirbus confirmed that an unknown cracking behaviour that had already been identified during quality control checks in was found in an aluminium fuselage part of a French AM; the issue did not affect flight safety and repairs could be incorporated into regular maintenance and upgrade schedules.

AM landing gear system | WordPress Aertec

The AM excels in the airdrop role, being able to drop from both high and low altitudes. The AM’s wings are primarily carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

It can even fly up to 40, ft 12, m for special operations. These parts include most of the wing, with, for bear first time in history, composite main spars. The main landing gear can be kneeled to lower the rear of the aircraft in order to adjust the height from cargo floor to ground and reduce the crest angle formed between the Ramp and the Cargo Floor when the Ramp is deployed to the landint.

File:A400M landing gear P1220828.jpg

It can even fly up to 40, ft for special operations. Current strategic aircraft are good outsize-load airlifters but are costly and have limited tactical capability as they cannot operate from soft fields.

Discover the joining of the wings in San Pablo. In June the M engine won in Airbus Industrie’s downselect on engines to power its emerging AM military transport. Summary [ edit ] Description AM landing gear P Landin Airlift Mission Capability Strategic airlift means the transport of strategic assets like outsized and heavy vehicles or equipments.


Airbus A400M Atlas

The AM is positioned as an intermediate size and range between the Lockheed C and the Boeing Ccarrying cargo too large or too heavy for the C while able to use rough landing strips. Discover the fuselage assembly in Lnding. To be stationed in Belgium as a part of a bi-national fleet.

And in addition it acts as a frontline-tanker for other aircraft. As designed, the first warning of an engine data problem would occur when the plane was metres feet in the air; on the ground, there is no cockpit alert.

The big money behind Airbus AM talks.

Also, as it can fly higher, it can cruise above poor weather and turbulence of found at medium altitudes, resulting in less fatigue for the crews, and passengers or troops alike. Retrieved 29 June The AM is the only tactical tanker offering a third refuelling point for large aircraft gsar and as an alternative to pods.

It is a major part of the testing of system equipment, for which the facility utilises new-generation technologies. Final AM delivered in March Discover the General assembly in Nantes. The first production aircraft was geag to the French Air Force in August and in service a year after.

Archived from the original on 14 December AM new airlifter has passed the ultimate-load up-bend test. Through the use of proven advanced technology developed by Airbus Industrie and its partner companies, the AM would also bring commercial levels of reliability and cost-effectiveness to military airlift operations. Also, as it can fly higher, it can cruise above poor weather and turbulence of found at medium altitudes, resulting in less fatigue for the crews, and passengers or troops alike.

Pereira 10 May HD P x px 41MB. HD P x px 39MB. Retrieved 22 June Air-to-Air Refuelling can be done either through two wing mounted hose and drogue under-wing refuelling pods or through a centre-line.


Retrieved 27 October Wall Street Journal2 December Discover the key structures in Tablada. On 11 JuneSpain’s Ministry of Defence announced that AM prototypes could restart test flights and confirmed that its specialist aerospace unit had met with Airbus to discuss flight permits, and that further permits relating to the programme could be granted in the coming days. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. The Aviationist2 January Also on tactical delivery missions, the AM delivers heavier and larger loads that its competitors.

Crucially, two streams of paratroopers can jump simultaneously from the ramp or the two side doors to further cut jumping time and scatter. Gar AM has been rigorously designed to meet the equipment transport needs of modern armed forces.

File:AM landing gear Pjpg – Wikimedia Commons

Retrieved 28 September Retrieved 12 July The autonomous capability of the AM enables operations from remote austere airstrips. The cargo floor can be re-configured very quickly as rollers can be manually and easily turned upside down by a single operator in order to have either rollers down for flat floor configuration or rollers up for pallet configuration.

Archived from the original on 28 April The issue involved a specific heat treatment process in manufacturing that adversely affected the strength of the ring gear; no other PGBs before or since were affected and the units involved either have been or are being changed. Retrieved from ” https: The counter-rotation is achieved by the use of a gearbox fitted to two of the engines, and only the propeller turns in the opposite direction; all four engines are identical and turn in the same direction.

The TPD6 fully meets the required specification.