I had fading on the right side of the printed page, and replacing the toner cartridge did not help. I’d hate to buy a new cart and find it doesn’t help. It just allows you to put bigger, more complex files into the memory. What are the compatible toner cartidges for the ie. Still have a few toner cartrdiges in stock so am not ready to junk it yet.

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Apple LaserWriter Select 360

D Chia – Anonymous. Try a different number, that’s what I had to do in order for my printer to work at first. No burn marks, bubbles, etc Also what about all my settings if they are incorrect wont that slow it down.

But you say possibly a formatter card is defective. Can anyone tell or point me to maintenance information. Can’t do it through Windows. I understand your dismay, but that wasn’t a very great printer when it was lasrrwriter. My main question now is about after-market toners. Just want to know which number is the best selectt for a PC?

I have read that it might laserwiter a toner problem, but Laeerwriter am not convinced that this is the case. But because that won’t be easy, I want to first get a reassurance that cleaning is the appropriate course of action for the plain non-FAXing Select My printer is working great except the occasional paper picking up problem: How do I check the thermal fuse?

Last Drivers  BCM57788 DRIVERS

You can actually tell the to stop printing the start up page from any operating system. Do the flashes mean anything? Re manual feed – mine wont either – sorry cant help there!

Apple LaserWriter Select Printer – Apple Rescue of Denver

Hi Chris Could you check that link farrer. Hi guys, OK, I found this old lying in a skip today, I cleaned lasewrriter the builders rubbish that had fallen inside, and following your advice set the button on the back to 4 and yay it worked! My print quality has gone to hell. There is plenty of paper in the machine.

Dave, Thanks for the info. The problem is probably in the transfer roller area. Seems to work ok but when printing a test page or any page there seems to be “bubbles” flowing onto the page from the right. As for the test page when I turn the printer printr it was disabled, nor does it print out the test page once it is added as a printer in XP; it just gets an error.


But don’t understand how “tap the back of the seelct with a rubber mallet”. When I print, it prints lwserwriter postscript language and not the file. I upgraded to I’m running this machine that I prinnter for free on my XP machine and it runs like a charm! Sad to say, but transfer rollers will not cause the problem you are having.

Please also check the web link in Brad’s post for the windows version software. When i turn on my Apple LaserWriterit warms up for quite some time, the the ‘paper out’ light starts to flash If the drum turns fairly easily, then you might just learn to live with the noise.

Thank you in advance – Anonymous. I tested it and it works ok but i want to clean it inside could you help me with some service manual pdf or the URL that I could look for? All cartridges have drum wiper blades.

Only other thing you can try is to take the fuser apart and recheck that you have everything in properly.