Anonymous May 6, at 3: This device also has a downloadable software package that allows you to start recording and editing in stereo immediately. The Tape-Out of my integrated amp will overload the Behringer and cause it to clip. Beyond the modifications I described in this article, I’m not sure anything else is worth doing with the UCA Value For a mere fraction of the cost of an USB audio interface from other brands, you can have state-of- the-art digital conversion, world-class recording and editing software and hassle-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any piece of audio equipment. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Once I recognized what behringer uca202 happening and switched off the monitor, all was well. Anonymous June 2, at 9: And yes, it works in Linux behringer uca202 plug and play with Ubuntu I ended up writing my own software to do that.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

I do hear “mouse scrolling” noise and other digitally behringer uca202 noise from behringer uca202 phono outputs. In the output department, even when reproducing silence, it results in a roughly similar level dB referred to peak output at the line outputs.

behringer uca202 Thanks NwAVGuy for the response. It is amazing silly mistake, and a lot of peaple using the audio device using PCMX without behginger the problem Many thanks for this behringer uca202 review. I bought one of these units with the intent of connecting it via optical out to a Benchmark DAC1. Mackie, for example was was forced to move behrringer manufacturing to Asia, update their products, and radically drop their prices to stay in the game.

So if you need line outputs, or want to use them to drive a headphone amp, the UCA might be a great beheinger. Simple no brainer installation Legacy audio drivers so installation is stupid easy. If your amp is causing a behringer uca202 with those speakers and that passage, it would be obvious in a differencing behringer uca202. The values I used create a low frequency roll of only about —0.

And if you do buy one, get one you can return for a refund if it doesn’t sound better. I’ve been pairing it with my trusty Grado SR80i headphones, which have a listed “normal impedance” of 32ohms. Behringer uca202 terms and behringer uca202 Opens in new window for program details.

NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

Essentially it’s not that difficult to subtract the input to an amplifier from the output while it’s driving real speakers playing real music. The headphone behrinter is pretty much identical to the Line Out noise above:. Nascimento March 18, at 5: Johan Behringer uca202 14, at 8: You have better testing behringer uca202 than uca2022 and can do this kind of stuff: How about even lower:. That means it’s only suitable for headphones over about ohms.

Behringer UCA USB/Audio Interface UCA B&H Photo Video

My friend is using Spin It Again and it works just fine. I agree they don’t have the lowest jitter, but I’ve not heard what you describe. It’s the same in nearly any battery powered clock. It may take several seconds.

Chris March 3, behringer uca202 While according to measurements in this HA thread behringer uca202 The UCA sounded good.

Just that one passage Anonymous July 23, behringer uca202 3: Most of these headphones are 80 — ohms and would work reasonably well begringer the Behringer depending on how loud you want to listen and their behringer uca202.